Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fort St. John

We made the trip to Fort St. John Saturday night, so that we could
attend church there on Sunday.
Woohoo, we got pictures of yet another church building.
It's really quite amazing, the buildings are very nice, even in the
smallest, most remote of cities.
The church is true and flourishes all over the provinces of
Alberta and B.C.
Apparently Fort St. John is the energetic city.
I've said this before, but for such a short growing season, 
the flowers that grow up here are gorgeous.
There are flower baskets everywhere and they are full and thriving.
Love quilts, always looking for the different and unique.
This one is of the Alaskan Highway.
We were told that this "peace view point" was a site not to miss.
So we went to check it out.

It was rather hazy, I think the view would of been much more
astounding if it would have been clearer.
Chris found some guys to talk to.

My cutie, patootie, all smiles.
We went to church, checked out of our hotel and started for home.
The sweet bishop's wife made us a sack lunch for the drive home.
People are so kind and thoughtful.  I can really learn from them.
Say goodbye to the energetic city, Fort St. John.
We took a different way home, just so we could see some more
of the surrounding areas.
We stumbled upon this little cemetery, out in the middle of
nowhere, literally.  
It was kind of pitiful, I guess? pitiful because
 there were only three grave sites.  I've never seen anything like it.

But they did have this sweet little gazebo.  I don't know, don't really
get it.  There are no houses or farms for miles, or kilometers.
And the canola fields,
they were breathtaking.  
I especially liked the red barn in the background.
Wow, the camera just doesn't do it justice.
It was a very nice trip back home. And a great road trip all the way around.

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