Friday, July 6, 2012

Grande Prairie

Our last zone interview and conference, way up North
in Grande Prairie.  The last of our olympic celebration.
I found it quite interesting, there are a lot of the missionaries
that have never watched the olympics, they had no
idea on most of the questions.
I guess I should share with you some of the questions I
chose to include on the quiz.
1.  How many times has Great Britain hosted?
2.  What year were the olympic rings introduced?
3.  What does citius, fortius, altius mean?
4.  Who won the most gold medals in 2008?
5.  Where were the 2008 games held?
Ok, so they were a little difficult, but it was just for fun.
By the time I hit Grande Prairie, I was tired of the donuts
and we were traveling 5 hours to get there, so I just took
what was left and didn't worry about 5 plates worth.
There are only 10 elders in the zone.
A good picture of the "rings", can you put them in order?
Blue, black, red, yellow, green, may I never forget.
I tried to keep everything the same and fair.  They got
all the treats just like the other zones.  They get more 
in fact because I leave them with all the leftovers.
Can't complain much about that.
They played fishbowl, Albert Oilers against team Beautiful BC
(Oilers won)

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