Friday, July 20, 2012


We've passed these beautiful, unique chapels on several trips out to
Devon for church and several district meetings, so today we took
the time to stop and take pictures.  We are beginning to truly
love and appreciate when we take these little side trips and we don't
have to be in any certain place at any given time.  We just take it slow.
We believe this is a Ukrainian church.  That's our guess.
There is a grave yard just to the west of the chapel.
Notice the unusual cross formation.  The line on the bottom is crooked.
Most of the writing on the tombstones is in Ukrainian, I think, 
of course I don't speak Ukraine.
But all the steeples look the same and there are dozens of these 
chapels in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.
Just down the street we found this cute little chapel.
I don't think anyone goes to church here.  It doesn't look
like there has been anyone here, except to mow the grass.
But it's cute, isn't it!

Then we stumbled upon this oil pump, out in the middle of a 
canola field.  It made for a great picture.
Canola fields, as in canola oil.  They grow it up here, everywhere.
This is the city sign into Devon.  Do you think maybe oil's a big deal
around here?
We have a picture of almost every town sign that has missionaries 
serving in that area.
Closer look at Devon's cute little oil pump.
This is Devon's building,
and the welcome sign out in front.

 And this is the back side of the church, it is a very nice building. 
This is an inuksuk outside the Devon city offices.

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