Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Silly People

We saved the best 'til last and took them to experience 
Everyone picked up a little something as a treat and I bought some
gummy teeth,
the picture didn't turn out as funny as I'd planned, but we had a blast 
taking it, we laughed and laughed.
Kaitlin on the other hand looked stellar.  A real star!
Now that's funny!  
At least the teeth were tasty.

We have sure enjoyed their visit, we laughed and talked, ate
yummy food and treats, watched some major olympic events and
talked some more.  It was great.

Thank you Kent, Wendy, Karlee and Kaitlin, for spending
your summer vacation with us and for bringing Courtney with you.
We will miss you, but will see you in a year.  Yeah!

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