Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kinuseo Falls

We purposefully went 30 km out of our way on a dirt road
to visit these wonderful falls that we heard about.
We are really embracing the "when in Rome" mentality, trying
to get around to as many cities and sights as we can.
This is called "Kinuseo Falls",
it is gorgeous.  This pile of wood is trapped at the bottom and
just keeps stirring around.  It's clear that the bark
has been stripped off and they are smooth as smooth.
The river splits into two at the bottom.
It's fascinating to just sit and watch. Amazing.

There is a lot of water flowing, you have to wonder
where it's all coming from.

I'd hate to fall in, or fall over.  It's along way down.

It's a beautiful landscape with the mountains behind it.
There has to be a story behind the mountainside.  It looks as if
the water worked away at this for thousands of years.

And this is Chris, perched on the ledge, taking pictures,
yes, he went around the protective fence.
All in the name of a perfect picture.  I got some great pictures and
I didn't have to risk life or limb.
This is a view from above, of the platform that looks out over the
falls down below.
And this, well this is the bridge that goes over the "Murray" river.

And this is the Murray river.

It is a beautiful slow moving river.

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