Thursday, December 6, 2012

2nd Week of Christmas

6.  On the 6th day of December I will happily settle in
with a warm drink (like mormon tea) and watch the Christmas Devotional
presented by the First Presidency.

7.  On the 7th day of December I will plan to lunch with the ladies,
exchange fun gifts, enjoy the food and delight in the present company.

8.  On the 8th day of December I will jump in the car with dear family
members and friends (whoever is willing to go with me) and slowly
and methodically walk through the hundreds of trees at the Festival of Trees.
I will walk,  read, shed a few tears and take in all that's 
Christmas.  I will get ideas and marvel at all the talent.

9.  On the 9th day of December, I will design and begin construction
on my very own gingerbread mansion, taking ideas from all the fun
ones I've discovered in the past.
It may look something like this, only better.

10.  On the 10th day of December I will have an all day marathon
of candy making, toffee, fudge, divinity,  almond joys, nut clusters 

and maybe try my hand at dipping again.  Yum, yum!!

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