Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Conference

Time again for our combined Christmas conferences,
our third year and last one.
Today we met at the Riverbend Stake Center for our first
conference with three of our zones.  Red Deer, Riverbend and 
Ed North zones.  We had a wonderful morning meeting, where
we were instructed, spiritually fed and treated to two beautiful
musical numbers.  
Afterward we took a group picture and was treated to a wonderful
Christmas feast.

The tables were beautifully set, complete with oranges and candy canes.
Ahhh, reminds me of Christmas when I was a little girl.  There were
salads on the table and then we enjoyed turkey, potatoes and gravy, yams, 
dressing, cranberries and rolls.

Then they had this wonderful display of holiday pie, apple and
pumpkin with whipped cream, delicious.
After the meal was devoured, and I mean devoured, we cleaned up,
sang to the kitchen, sang to our birthdays and readied ourselves for
a couple of hours of entertainment from the "troops".

We enjoyed a 2 hour talent show, consisting of musical numbers,
comedy sketches, zone group numbers, even a poi ball dancer. 
We had two great MC's, it was wonderful all the way around.

And on Friday, we did it all over again.  By the end of the day, 
we found it to be rather disheartening, because we all realized it was
 our last one.  At least myself and Sister Woodruff shared a moment.

We thought for months about what we could possibly give to the 
missionaries, as a gift, that would mean something special.
We finally decided on a recommend holder, with a picture of the
Edmonton Temple, the one that Chris took, of course.  We could
make them any way we wanted, so we used his picture and put
the "7 habits of a baptizing missionary"on the inside.  Perfect.

Then I used my Cricut to make little envelopes for each one,
I hot glued them together, (with the help from the sisters)
added a cute little sticker
and voila!  The perfect gift for our perfect missionaries.

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