Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas In Canada

I wanted to share with you some of the sights of Christmas
found in Canada, these are all taken in the local malls.
Another poinsettia tree,
boughs of holly, kind of,
this is one of Santa's village,
with ornaments hanging from the ceiling,
garland, ribbons and ornaments.

Wreaths and lights at the West Ed Mall.

These wreaths are fabulous,

I love wreaths, I want one this big on the front of
our garage back home, wouldn't that be awesome.
complete with trees of silver and blue
even the pirate ship was adorned with garland,
 bulbs and lights
I was so looking forward to the big Santa decorations
on the east side of the West Ed Mall, but they the same as
last year and the year before, so disappointing.  
But I did catch a glimpse of this Christmas elf in the window.
These are very RED trees.
Now these are decorated windows that I can sink my teeth into,
popcorn, mud pies and s'mores.

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