Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Week of December

My grown up Christmas list was drafted while thinking about being
home for Christmas next year, after being away for three years.
I have had a great deal of time to think about it and I hope to make
some changes and keep my focus on family, friends and the wondrous
reason why we celebrate.
Join me as I make my list of the things I plan to do the 25 days 
before Christmas, next year.

1.  On the first day of December I plan to sit down with a nice warm
mug of cocoa and slowly browse through all my favorite Christmas
magazines, for recipes and decorating ideas (with Christmas music
playing in the background, of course)

2.  On the second day of December I will complete my holiday
decorating by putting out my favorite Christmas dishes
and set my tables just for show.
3.  On the third day of December we will invite the kids over for a 
special family night of warm wassail, Christmas music and write
letters and cards to missionaries who are currently serving.

4.  On the fourth day of December I will start reading all of my favorite
books and Christmas stories and get through as many as I can 
throughout the month. 

5.  On the fifth day of December I will take my candy run to Brigham 
City and pick up my favorite chocolates at Idle Isle, toffee and
chocolate covered almonds for sure, then a few assorted for Courtney.
Then we'll run across the street and have lunch at the Idle Isle Cafe.

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  1. I'm liking this list already too! I added something new this year. I invited all the cousins over to kick of the holidays with a North Pole breakfast the first Sat in December. We had red velvet hot chocolate with peppermint whip cream and gingerbread pancakes with lemon syrup (yum!). And my brother added reindeer 'poop' out of sausages that were a big hit! (There just aren't enough excuses to use the Christmas dishes, you know). We liked it so much we think it will become a tradition!