Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Cookies

Oh, to have small children again, to look at everything you do with
wonder and excitement. 
My favorite part of Christmas is the Christmas cookie making, baking
and decorating.
I love the smell of the dough and of course the sampling of the dough
to make sure that it's just right.
I enjoy rolling the dough out,
digging in the back of the cupboard to retrieve all the special Christmas
cookie cutters.
The same shapes my mom used to use, the diamond, bell, spade, club,
star and heart. (don't ask me why, guess mom was a gambler)
Then I've added my own favorites since I've been married and have had 
 children of my own, a candy cane, snowflake, holly leaf, gingerbread man.
Then I frost them, generously add sprinkles and enjoy a few along the way,
that's the real payoff.  And of course, I do this all on my own.  The
kids haven't been interested or helped in years.  They'll each decorate 
one or two cookies,  just to make me happy.
So, it's Christmas eve once again, and I've made the dough, cut them
out, baked them, frosted and decorated them, all by myself.
I made Courtney put some out for Santa, and this is what I got.
One cookie, a cracker because she heard Santa is on a diet and
a Lindt truffle, whatever!
I can bring back all the fun and magic when I have grandchildren, right?

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