Saturday, December 15, 2012

4th Week Of December

 16.  On the 16th day of December I will STOP! and smell the
cocoa, literally.  Nothing like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold
winters night.  And you can't have just plain hot chocolate. . . .

you have to have a hot chocolate gourmet bar, complete with chocolate,
white chocolate and peppermint flavored cocoa,
gently heated milk, special mugs,
chocolate dipped stirring spoons,
and candy canes,
peppermint sprinkles, whipped cream and forget the mini 
marshmallows, go right for the marshmallow creme.
And it wouldn't be complete without festive Christmas
music playing in the background while we sip our cocoa.

17.  On the 17th day of December I will plan a night
on the town, celebrating the season with some musical pageantry. 

Whether it be a concert by Voice Male or
the Ogden Institute's Christmas special.  One or the other,
or maybe both.  I'd love to snag some tickets to the Christmas
program down at the conference center too! 

18.  On the 18th day of December we'll pile in the car and drive
around and see all the lights, hopefully there will be a light 
covering of new snow on the ground and everything will look 
even more magical.

Maybe we'll drive through "fantasy at the bay" or
go find the singing lighted house.  Whatever we do
it will be grand.

19.  On the 19th of December I will turn on the Christmas lights,
put the music on low and cook up a couple of batches of
opera bar, a bar for each family, if they'll bring the cream and
help with the stirring.

creamy white
luscious chocolate
and playful pink
Put them altogether and what do you get, opera bar, the most 
wonderful thing I've ever tasted in my entire life.

20.  On the 20th day of December, we'll light up the tree
and just enjoy, the lights and the quiet.

I always swear to do this and then it just gets too
busy and it never happens, so that is why I am planning
it as one of my special days.  If we are lucky we will
have a few nights of quiet reflection around the tree.
Maybe with a cup of hot cocoa and music playing
softly in the background, sounds nice eh? (oops)

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