Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas ZLC

We had ZLC today, between the two Christmas conferences.
 This is a very busy, busy week.  
When I remember, I like to put out my blocks
and welcome the zone leaders.
I made a very special Christmas meal, complete
with broken glass jello salad with red and green colored jello.
I fixed ham, funeral potatoes, mixed vegetables and rolls.
For dessert I dipped waffle bowls in chocolate, dipped them in 
sprinkles, then filled the bowls with peppermint ice cream, a 
drizzle of chocolate, whipped cream and crushed candy cane
sprinkled on top.

I stepped downstairs to watch a little Christmas fish bowl.
The elders were playing "space commander", they have to say the
words, space commander in funny ways in order to make the other 
elder laugh or crack up.
For the Christmas special they had to say "running Rudolph" instead.
Game board complete with red and green markers.
A little scripture chase, and you should have heard the
scriptures the elders found with Christmas references.  So funny.
Team names, the A-team and Petrified Forests, no clue
where or why they came up with those ones!

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