Friday, December 7, 2012

Get A Life, Sea!

We used one of our remaining adventure passes and
went to the Sea Life Caverns in the West Ed Mall.
We've enjoyed the sea lion show several times, watching from up
above, but we never realized there was more to it, until we got these
passes.  There is a entire sea life down below, underneath the show.
These two stingrays were in a pool by themselves, learning to play with
others, I guess.  They would swim back and forth.
This is the interactive pool, there were about six stingrays in here, and
you could touch them and have them swim right up to you, as long
as you washed your hands first.  I chose not to place my hand in there.
There were these cool anemones, I thought they were colored pink
and green just for the holiday season.
These sharks were cool, you know how sharks are supposed to be constantly
moving to stay alive, well these are a different breed and they just sit
on the bottom in large groups, kind of creepy, don't you think?
They also had a penguin habitat, they name them and identify
who's who by their arm bands. They lower and raise the water level
so that they are playing and swimming in the water, part of the time
and climbing on the rocks the other half of the time.

According to his arm band, this is Doug.
A cute little trainer, brought him out and told us all about him
and the rest of the African black footed penguins. He was so cute,
but you couldn't get close or the cute little penguin would attack you.
Included in the sea cavern pass was entrance into the sea lion show.
We actually got to go in and sit on the seats to watch.  Way better than
standing around the top looking down on the performance.
This little gal was chosen to get her picture taken with the seal lion,
he even gave her a kiss on her head, a big old slobbery kiss.
We really enjoyed watching the two sea lions that did the show,
they were very talented and would do anything called upon, as long
as there were fish, as a reward.  They were fat and happy sea lions.
It was a fun experience and a good day.
Good place to be, it was bitter cold outside.

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