Thursday, December 27, 2012

Candies, Goodies and Treats, Oh My!

We were given so many yummy and wonderful treats
this year for Christmas.
The crispy tree came from the Orr's, so clever,
I actually bought the bark, couldn't resist, I usually
can't, my bad.
Mom sent her wonderful cookies, peanut clusters, peanut brittle 
and caramels.  She sent two kinds of cookies, but Chris finished 
the one bag off within two days of the package arriving.  Yes, that's
 right and I didn't even get one.  That's ok, they are his favorites.

I found some gingerbread cookies for Courtney and a gingerbread
 house kit, too bad we ran out of time to make and decorate it.
Mom also sent Idle Isle's chocolates on the left, yum.
I bought some cookies that turned out to be not so good,
but I did get some fancy cookies as a white elephant gift and
Elaine gave us an entire bag of her delightful crispy, 
caramel marshmallows.  Courtney loves them.
So many treats, so little time, too many added pounds.

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