Monday, December 10, 2012

3rd Week of December

11.  On the 11th day of December I will bundle up and
head downtown Ogden to stroll through the Christmas Village.

I might even pack up some yummy hot chocolate to sip along the way.
It will be fun to see any changes they might have made over the
past three years.

12.  On the 12th day of December after days of cooking, prepping,
baking and planning, I will open my door to all dear friends, family
and neighbors to my annual Christmas open house.

shrimp, poppers, fried green beans,
and of course everybody's favorite, bacon wrapped pineapple
fresh veggies and dip, deviled eggs
assorted brownie bites
Rolo turtles
kissed pretzel sandwiches
trio raspberry chocolates

13.  On the 13th day of December I will dig deep into my
heart and soul to plan and carry out little acts of kindness and 
service for the rest of the month.
a.  random acts of Christmas kindness (RACK)
b.  be aware of those around me that need a boost
c.  reach outward instead of inward
d.  go the extra mile and show Christ like love

14.  On the 14th day of December I will plan a trip to Salt Lake
to eat at the Lion House Pantry, visit the (Z.C.M.I.) windows,
wander through temple square to take in the lights and listen
to musical groups singing Christmas carols.

15.  On the 15th day of December I will begin my Christmas 
movie marathon, a favorite Christmas DVD everyday, The Grinch, 
Miracle on 34th Street, Santa Clause, Elf, White Christmas and
Mr. Kruger's Christmas, just to name a few.

The season's not complete until I watch all my favorite movies.

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  1. I think you have a PERFECT Christmas plan!! I love making a holiday calendar to make sure every festive activity gets done! We were actually able to get quite a few things done this year. The girls were SO fun this year!Hope you are enjoying the holidays. We just got back from a week in St George with my dad. Love to you!