Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 5th Week of Christmas

21.  On the 21st day of December we will gather together as a
family, enjoy each others company and the Christmas season.  
We'll start with a nice dinner and maybe watch some family movies.

Can't wait to be together with family again.

22.  On the 22nd day of December we will consider a few new
traditions, like crackers at dinner.  These are very popular in Canada.

They are fun to pop open and see the little surprise inside. 

23.  On the 23rd of December I will make Mom's sugar cookies,

make the dough, roll them out, cut fun Christmas shapes (I've added
a few over the years, holly leaf, candy cane and gingerbread), bake them
makes lots and lots of fluffy frosting and

decorate!  Dozens and dozens of them.  They are supposed to be 
for Santa, but I learned years ago that he prefers chocolate chip.
So the sugar cookies end up on my plate.

Fun, bright sprinkles are the best, they make the cookies even better.
I just love making Christmas cut out cookies, probably one of my
top favorites. If I had to cut back, this would definitely stay on the list.

24.  On the 24th day of December, no holds barred.  I will make sure
we visit and revisit every family tradition ever started, at least the ones 
we want to.  One of my very favorites, eggs benedict and frosted bread
braid.  Is that a problem that all my favorite traditions involve eating?

25.  On the 25th day of December, we will all sit back, remember
why we celebrate the season, read the story of Christ's birth again and
again, bask in the love that is family and truly be grateful for all of our
blessings, being alive and being together.  
The gospel and a strong family is all we hope to ever have.

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