Friday, August 17, 2012

A Ukrainian Day!

Today we took a trip to the Ukraine,
 or at least to a Ukrainian village.  We've passed it several times
on our way to Vegreville.
It was one of the places on our adventure pass we purchased, 
so we decided to spend the day.
It was just like we stepped into another country.  There were little farm
houses, gardens full of dill (Tyler would appreciate that) and people
there to explain and share the culture with us.
Real live gardens at each of the houses, we wondered what they did
with all the food they were growing.
I loved this quilt, it really fascinated me.
After we'd been through the farm houses and walked through
the museum, we headed back to the town.
Not entirely sure what this is,
but it was next to the little church on the hill.
This is a sampling of one of their houses, there were people there
making bread and tending a fire pit outside the house.
A little grocery store, with things to buy and a girl behind the
counter, answering questions.
The little church on the hill, through the grain field.
This must be more of a Ukrainian temple.
Gas station, love those pumps!
Where you'd go to buy lumber and paint,
or catch the train.
And all seen across the marsh.
I would imagine this is the look of a typical family as they
traveled to Canada from their home land.
A map of the whole thing, we started in the front and
you can see the train station and grain barn, on the right
 across the bridge over the water.
I packed us a lunch, we ate it in the car after our little
tour, it was a very interesting day.

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