Monday, August 13, 2012

More, Fort McMurray

We decided to spend an extra day in Fort McMurray.
We were told the best thing to do in town, was see
the museum of the oil sands, so we stayed one
more day.
We paid the price of admission and wore these
cute little green pins.
Look at the dynamics of this truck, it's huge.

I think this is the engine or carburetor or something like that.
Look at the wording, 100 tons a scoop, can you even comprehend.
This will give you an idea of the size, this is the tire.
And the front, notice the ladder on the right, you have to have a 
ladder to get inside the cab, crazy.

This is just some of the humongous machinery use in the oil 
collecting process.

The birds find the extra large undercarriage, very livable.
Unless these are very, very large wasps.
We are in the land of giants, this is an extra large scoop,

and the bed of one of those tiny trucks.

We stopped to pick up a pin,
we try and do this at each place we visit.
We are getting quite the collection.

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