Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No More Wisdom

Courtney left Canada early, but she had a good reason, she had to
have her wisdom teeth out before she started college.  Her teeth
have been hurting for awhile and when she finally got in and had
an X-ray taken, she found this.
Four wisdom teeth, two of which are growing sideways.  
They have to come out, and sooner than later.
So Heather took her in, and we were a little concerned, the dentist
 told her it was going to be a little tricky, and there could be 
complications. So as you can imagine, we were a little nervous for her.  
We went for a walk that morning and before we could even
get back home, she was done and out and on her way home.
What a blessing!  Heather took her to the store to pick up
her prescriptions and some soft goodies, then she took her 
home and tucked her into bed.
This is how it all went down.
Day one, 
there's almost a smile on that sweet face.
Day two,
storing some nuts for the winter?
Day three,
what a cute little, chubby, fat, face  Bless her heart, she was a real
trooper, was off the pain pills in just a few days and back to normal
by the time college started.  Ahhhh, sorry we couldn't be there for you.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha, I have seen these and they still crack me up! Love #3!