Friday, August 10, 2012

Goodbye, Lady!

We have had such a wonderful time with Courtney over the
past two weeks, we always hate to see her go.  Our baby is 
growing up, she will go back to Utah and start college at the
 end of the month.  Pretty hard for Mom and Dad to grab hold of.
We were able to get her a ride back to Utah with Shelly,
she's going to Utah to visit with friends and do some shopping.
It was so nice of her to help us out like that.  She took
Courtney and a few packed boxes that we needed to get home.
Good luck at school and this new chapter in your life and 
we will see you at Christmas!

It is so hard to say goodbye, but we have to get back to missionary
 work, there is always something coming along and it's best for Boo
to be home, because it's so hard to leave her alone when duty calls.

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