Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, To Me!

Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life that remembered me
 and thought about me on my birthday, I have to admit, birthday's 
are pretty lonely when you're on a mission.
Chris did take me out for a wonderful birthday dinner, I couldn't 
have been more pleased, I LOVE food, so that made me very happy.
I received several cards in the mail, thank you all, but this one
had to have been written, just for me.
Wendy, you know me to a tee!
This screams my name, thank you!
Now, where's the cake and the frosting?
Lorna, my new dear and amazingly talented Canadian friend, made
me this gorgeous apron, and a beautiful card to match.  
The card is her own handy work as well, she paints these
wonderful pictures, then she has them made into cards.
See, I told you she was amazing.
Ok, finally!
My cake, just like my mom used to make. This one, had oh so yummy 
frosting and flowers, lots and lots of flowers.
Even though I had to tell Chris to order it, what to get and what color
I wanted the flowers to be (you have to think about these things, have
you ever tasted red frosting, yuck) they had to be yellow, it had to be
a angel food cake and it had to be from Sobey's, they make the best
frosting,  and I know my frosting.  What a great birthday, even though
I'm away from the friends and family I love.
Next year. . . partay!!!

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