Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's Take a Walk

I have done more walking outdoors this year, than I
have in the past two summers, combined.  In the past,
I wouldn't even step outside of the house because of the
mosquitos.  They were so bad, Chris would come home
from running and he'd be covered.  Ew!
So I have quite enjoyed myself and the wonderful 
walking path behind our home and the little island that
it leads to.  There are always new things to see.
They just put all new timbers on this bridge that leads
to the island.  It looks really nice.  There is no doubt, they
 take care of their parks, new bridge, paved walkways, 
newly planted trees and bushes.  It is nice now, it will
be gorgeous next spring.
I found this fuzzy little friend the other day while
I was walking.
I had to stop and take a closer look.
Then I went out the next day and found this little
guy on our front step.  He was wrapped up in our newspaper.

Boy, can he travel.

This is the second bridge we walk or run on to get to the other
side of the island.  It's quite a nice walking path.  Some parts
shady, others sunny and lots and lots of friendly people.

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