Monday, August 6, 2012

Heritage Days, the Sequel

They have these wonderful programs that they hand out,
it shows where all the different booths are and the food 
that is offered there.  Makes life a lot easier.

Unless you have been there in person, you can't comprehend
the grandeur of the entire event.  The park covers roughly, 
100 acres, just an approximate guess.
Countries by alphabetical order and numerical order.
Care for something from Borneo,
or China
how about Venezuela?
The food is not cheap, the numbers to the left of the
item indicates the number of tickets.  Tickets are just
under a dollar each.  Kind of pricey.

Chris and I went back to Heritage Days today, alone :(
Courtney was not interested in going back and we wanted 
to check on our missionaries, see some more talent and taste
some different foods.  We parked at the parking lot across
from the institute, only $5, not a bad deal.
Dancers from Chile, they always seem so happy, even
dancing in the extremely hot weather.
So cute, as they peak behind their hats.
Serbia costumes and culture.
I couldn't resist, 
this is right where the missionaries would like him, ha ha
There is so much detail to each booth and display.

Our assistants, volunteering their time and talents,
Elder Edgel and Elder Graul
Elder Fifita, Elder Skousen and Elder Brich.
We caught the end of this dancer from Ghana, it was very hot,
she was a good sport, dancing in the extreme heat.
Even more was this poor guy, that outfit had to
act like aluminum foil, just like sitting in an oven.
Take these ladies in waiting, they're "waiting" to get out of the sun.

There is so much talent, it makes the cultures alive.
This guy was too cool, he wasn't dancing at the time but he had a 
big smile on his face.

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