Saturday, August 4, 2012

Heritage Days

Our last heritage days, kind of sad.  It's our last of everything.
The institute parking lot is all torn up so we had to rethink everything
this year.  We had to meet in the Whyte Ave building for training
and carpooling the missionaries over to the park.
We went back home and picked up the kids and we were off to
the park and acres of fabulous food, entertainment and fun.
First nations had a very colorful presentation,
and interesting facts about their people.

Cute little couple from the netherlands, Courtney and Tyler!

Love the river dancers, we try and catch their show every year.
Awesome Chinese white dragon.
Beautiful dancers from Sri Lanka.
sweet panda
Heather waited all day for this, she had one last year
and I think she came back up this year just for another one.

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  1. I had my picture taken with the Indian in lime green last year! I missed seeing the river dancers this year. :( That scone looks amazing!!!