Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Blog!

Random Blog!
We passed this gentleman the other day while we were driving,
he was wearing these long blades and using ski poles to help him along.
These are the tomatoes that came off my own tomato plant.
I have a very sweet visiting teacher that heard me mention that I 
missed having a garden, small as it was.  Within a week she brought
me a tomato plant in a pot with two beautiful flowers.  She even 
provided plant food to help it grow. 
Not too bad, and they tasted soooo good.  It was fun to go out back
and pick my little crop of cherry tomatoes.
Clouds, I love the clouds,
they are so awesome and they change every day.  The sky looks
different every day of the year.  Pictures do not do them justice.
You'll just have to come up here and see for yourself.
This was ridiculous, this is a gas pump.  I had to take a picture.
When I saw it was diesel, I thought, well that's why, then
I noticed that diesel was cheaper than regular.
105 litres of gas for $120.00, ridiculous.

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  1. Nice tomatoes, they look awesome! Also those clouds are beautiful and that gas price is sad.