Friday, August 3, 2012

Day At The Museum!

We had one day alone with Courtney and then our boys and their
wives showed up for the weekend and Heritage Days.  I am so excited.
So, welcome Jason, Abby, Tyler and Heather,
it's always good to have family.  We so appreciate it when
our kids come up to visit.
Courtney had a play date with the Smith children, a tea party,
so we took the kids and went to the museum.
We've meant to get there many times, so we thought this would
 be the perfect opportunity.
Mr. Bison says, Welcome!
We are in for a treat, a trip through time.

The museum is divided into different displays, we decided to go to 
the one featuring the animals of Canada.  We said hello to these
busy little beavers first.
But they were too busy to stop and visit.
 (notice the gorgeous background, looked so realistic)
Now Mr. Moose, he wouldn't even look at us.  How rude!
Hey, what are looking at, we're over here.
I think this is a caribou, what do you think?  Either that or it's 
one of Santa's reindeer, I think it's Prancer.
A little fox, we've actually seen one of these before.
Mr. and Mrs. Toad are going on a wild ride, on this rock.
This golden eagle was brilliant and majestic.
There is nothing cuter than baby anything, but these coyotes were
adorable, look at them play.  They almost came alive.
More babies, the ugly ducklings,
baby cougar,
and the three bears!
Tyler grabbed hold of this poor seeing eye dog.
The next room was filled with rocks, unique rocks from all
over the world, of course I looked for the Utah rocks.  Yeah us!
Does anyone know where Deer Trail Mine, Utah is?
Then we moved on to the insects section.  They were incredible.
God's creations are magnificent, beyond gorgeous.
These are stick bugs, they look just like twigs, you have to look
very closely to see them.
Flags of Canada,
and the wild rose.
Cute Tyler and Heather.  It was fun to spend the day with them.
Oh no, I'm turning into Chris, I'm taking pictures of weeds,
well they are actually flowers, and they were so pretty.
We love to play with the snap dragon flowers, so cute!
And this is a rare sighting of the camera shy, well me!
We are a rare breed.
Signs everywhere for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee,
The sign stands for Queen Elizabeth two,
and the "R" stands for reigns.
So her name is Queen Elizabeth II Reigns.  Strange!
But that's what we learned on the tour, at the ledge.

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  1. That picture of you and dad is so good! You both look great! I think I will take a copy of it for myself. : )