Sunday, August 5, 2012

Campbell Town

Sunday afternoon, after church, dinner and lots of
visiting, we went for a drive to look at some houses
for Tyler.  
I couldn't resist this picture of my Campbell men
in front of this Campbelltown sign.  We've passed this
road for two years now, it was about time we stopped.
We stumbled across this totally awesome house.  We tried to get inside
to take a closer look, but locked doors and a thousand mosquitoes
discouraged us.  We would have loved to take a peak and some notes.
Oh well.  Maybe we'll have to come back another time.
On the way home we saw this impressive flock of geese.
They were making their way to the lake.
waddle, waddle, waddle
And back home again,  to this very tasty looking dessert.
Dig in!

The boys and their wives are heading back home first
thing in the morning.  We hate to say goodbye and
we will miss them, dearly.  We are so grateful for their
visit and the joy they bring with them.

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  1. I just LOVE the Campbelltown Sign! So awesome!