Friday, August 24, 2012

Fort Edmonton

We are seeing so many fun and wonderful sights,
today we are heading back in time through the fun
of Fort Edmonton Park.
It was our best visit there ever, even though the train wasn't running,
it had broken down that morning.  
We saw more on this visit than every before, cars driving, fun
characters and lots and lots to see.  We decided to just take our time.
We were walking down the street and we saw this cute little lady,
and she was in full character.
This truck passed us across the railroad tracks.

The little red church house.
This truck was driving around picking up garbage,
pretty cute for a garbage truck.
And this is an original phone booth at the phone company,
these switch boards are awesome, makes me want to play!
Across the street is the Capital Theatre,
there's that truck again, I think he must be making deliveries.

Ramsay Floral, with a real greenhouse.

Here's the garbage man again,
picking up the trash at the local amphitheater.
Then we stopped at the local drug store,
for some Crayola's and an ice cream.
We paid cash. ;)
Then we went to the Capital Theatre 
for a little movie about Edmonton.

Time to take a rest.  It's been a long day and we're only halfway through,
so we stopped to enjoy the beautiful gardens for a minute.

Wave at the trolley.  We were going to ride it later, but it stopped 
working also.
We ventured into the fire house, because we'd never been there before,
the jail gets quite chilly in the cold winter months, that's why
they have a fur coat on the wall.
We needed to stop at the bank for a little cash.
The hotel on the corner is a real working hotel, you can stay over 
night and eat at the restaurant.

We stopped in to see Heather at her law office,
see?  The law office of H. C. Taylor
We loved this cute little school group, they were lined up waiting for the trolley.
Say cheese!
Like I said, everything was happening today, they were
moving this wood frame down the street, the old fashioned way.
Should have called the garbage truck.
Don't even think about it!
These chickens looked so real!  ;)
Now this is a prairie schooner.
wood chairs in the little red school house, thought about my mom

When we were done down town we went to see the carousel.  I wanted
to ride the ferris wheel but it was closed, so we watched the carousel.
There's nothing quite like a child riding a carousel, or an adult for that matter.
Just take a look at these beautiful horses, all hand carved and hand
painted, right here on the premises.

see the owl on the back

I tried to pick my favorite, but I couldn't pick just one.
And they're all housed in this painted building, this way you can 
ride all year round.
We had such a fun day together, thanks for taking me back in time.

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