Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Doctor, Elder Craner

We had a nice visit today from Elder Craner and Sister Craner.
Elder Craner is our mission doctor.  He and his wife are from Utah, 
serving in Chicago, and has the charge of 12 different missions.  
He is our "go to" with any type of medical question or concern 
we have.  He is only a phone call away.  They were visiting with
the new mission president and his wife in Calgary and offered to 
drive up and say hello to us.  We are the only mission they haven't
 had a chance to visit with yet.

They drove up, we took them to dinner, along with Courtney. 
We actually took them to a little Italian restaurant that happens 
to be in the same place as Dr. Reese's office, so I took Dr. Craner
next door to meet her.  It worked out really well, they have 
talked several times over the phone concerning one of our 
missionaries, so I thought it would be nice if they could put 
a face with the voice.

Courtney was bored but got along ok because we had a really
cute waiter, and because we were busy talking, she had his
full attention, every time he came to our table.  I think we got
better service, because of her.  Go figure.

We drove them to the temple so they could take a peek at our
wonderful house of worship and then drove them around a 
little bit.  They will spend the night at the mission home and 
then head back to Chicago tomorrow.  We really enjoyed our
visit with them.  Sister Craner is a delightful lady, it was a real
pleasure to spend time with her and be instructed by him.  I 
had so many questions to ask him, but wouldn't you know, by 
they time I had him here in person, I couldn't think of a one.

He has been very helpful over the past several months.
He has helped, when I have done all that I could do,
as a mother.  I can't do any more than that.
I refer the missionaries to him when I'm not sure the
next step that should be taken.  He knows his "stuff".

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