Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

So, I couldn't resist, zone leader council happens to fall on
May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, let's have some fun.
I picked up a couple of decorations last year and found a few more
to add to it for this year.  I figure I have one more year to use them
so I decided it was a good investment.
I love decorating and doing things with a theme.
I realize the elders probably don't really care if there are
decorations or a theme, as long as there's food.
But I enjoy doing it, so I keep doing it.  It's part of me.
These are the new streamers I found this year,
they fit in very nicely.

I even bought some curly Q ribbon, the colors were perfect.
It looked so nice and it fit nicely with the mexican food fare that
I fixed.  We had enchiladas with green sauce, chips and salsa.
I even made faux fried ice cream.  It wasn't very good, the idea
was there but it just didn't pan out.  I would try it again, but I'd 
take a little more time and make them a little tastier.
Time for the shiny shoe contest.  The elders are really catching on, 
most of their shoes are nice and shiny, every single time.
It's getting harder and harder to choose, so sometimes I do several.
This time I did the best slip on's as well as the "shiniest" shoes.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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