Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls!

My first solo flight at making cinnamon rolls.
Not bad, for the first time.  I intend to get lots and lots of practice.
Cinnamon rolls were one of the cooking items I had a desire to perfect
while serving.  What's not to like about a warm gooey cinnamon roll?
At least I thought that's what the missionaires would say.
So, my personal evaluation, the roll up was a little loose,

they were not even close to uniform, but I did remember the raisins.

They raised beautifully,
and baked up pretty nice.
All in all, I'd give them a C+, B-
There's always room for improvement, that's why I'm going to
keep working on my method.  They might not look pretty, but they
tasted awesome.  Thanks Bart, for the perfect recipe.
I made a few too many, but it worked out, I took some to our
neighbors to the south and a plate or two to some other friends.
They were a hit!

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