Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet Gifts?

This has been a month of wonderful sweet gifts
and pleasant surprises.  I would like to share with you
these unique gifts.
"Ga day Mate" says this little stuffed kangaroo.
He was left for me, courtesy of Elder Prall the night he went
home.  He tucked it away so I would find it the next day
after he left for home.  I was tickled to find him.  He's so cute!
Then we were given these adorable little red cardinals from our
dear friends and fellow mission presidents, the Clarks.  They
were a gift for us when we flew into their fair city of St. Louis
for mission presidents seminar.  We had a wonderful visit,
Sister Clark and I,  A well needed visit.  I love that dear lady.
And last but not least, I guess this was a gift.  The night before 
Elder Wild (one of our assistants) went home, we played a friendly
game of win, lose or draw.  When we were done, I asked Elder Wild
to draw me something before he left, because of his amazing artistic ability.
Of all the things he could have drawn or the image he could have left,
he drew THIS!  
Whatever!  I love him anyway.

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