Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seminary Graduation!

The day just kept getting better and better.  I couldn't
have planned it any more perfectly myself.
Weber High Seminary graduation was that evening.
Courtney was chosen as one of the speakers, weeks ago,
and no I had nothing to do with that one.  She's just grown
a lot in the past two years, she's a very special, spiritual
young lady.  She was also chosen along with Sarah (above)
to be part of a musical number.  It was a quartet, soprano, alto,
tenor and bass.  It was very beautiful.
After the meeting, someone reminded us of the solar eclipse
that was taking place, right that minute.  So we ran outside,
after all it is a very rare occurrence, and watched history
in the making.  The Turner family were watching it via
the hole in the paper trick.  It really worked.
So we took pictures of the paper.
Kaitlin tried to look with her bare eye, even though we
told her she'd go blind.  She didn't listen.
We went back into the church for pictures and pie.
Wangsgard's pie!
Notice the backdrop, it's Chris' from the studio,  the stake
young men's president asked Heather if they could borrow it.
The flowers are a nice touch.  
Brad and Heather came, Tyler came to Courtney's while Heather
went to support Crystal's graduation, it was at the same time.
Gotta love the support of family and siblings.
Courtney with Heidi, long time soccer buds.
We are so proud of Courtney and all her accomplishments.
And here she is with her second family,  The Packers.
Wendy, Kaitlin, Courtney and Kent.
One more with her brothers and sister.  Thanks for joining us on this
very auspicious occasion.  
Now, let's go eat pie!

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