Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mission Tour

Welcome, The Walker's. 
 We are thrilled to have them here for our 
mission tour.  We picked up Elder and Sister 
Walker at the airport and took them to see
 the mission office.  After a couple of pictures,
I have to blog about this you know.
Elder and Sister Walker in front of our office.
Elder Walker pulled President over for a picture with him.
And then Sister Walker and I took a picture together.
After we did a little tour of the office, we took them to dinner
at a nice little Italian restaurant that we like, called "The Sicilian".
They traveled all day and we have a big day tomorrow so we took
them back to the mission home and set them up in the 
"general authority" room and then we all bedded down for the night.
The next morning I set out a continental breakfast feast.
Bananas, bagels and cream cheese, orange juice, milk and yogurt parfaits.
Just from our brief visit at dinner the night before, I could tell that
they are wonderful people.  Elder Walker has so many amazing stories to tell.
Stories about temples, all over the world.  I could have listened to them
forever.  I felt a little cheated, we only had them for one night, they
spent the other two nights with the Cards, because they are doing
a temple review on the Edmonton Temple while they're here.
I had to have them stand by my "Welcome" sign.
The tour went really well.  They spoke to half our mission on
Wednesday at the Riverbend building.  Karin Jaffray served us
a very nice lunch of super nachos, just like I serve to our incoming

 And then on Friday, after the temple review, we picked
them up at the Card's home and we participated with the other half of the
mission at the Millwoods building.  Elder and Sister Walker had an early
flight back home so we had to make the meeting a little shorter, so we
took an early break and Karin served muffins and fruit, with milk and
orange juice.  After the meeting concluded, we whisked them off to the airport,
said our goodbyes and put them on a plane.

I told Elder Walker, I would really like to attend a temple dedication
extravaganza, how would I go about doing that.  He told me, any new temple,
anytime, he happens to know the person that can get me a ticket. Wink, wink.  Yeah!!

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