Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Scream!

It's hard being away from home, especially when your
daughter is in high school and you're not there to all the fun things 
that you would have done. When Jason and Heather were in school
I took ice cream to choir class at the end of the year.
Well, with Heather's help, I was able to do the same thing
for Courtney and her choir class.
Courtney picked up the toppings for me the day before,
then Heather slipped out of work and spent her lunch
hour picking up ice cream and taking it to the school.
cute kids and good friends,
choir has been a real tender mercy for Courtney this year.
She's been able to travel to other schools, spend the night in Salt Lake City,
be conducted by Mr. Wilberg and opportunities to compete at state.
I wish I could have been there, but it went well and they seemed
to have fun according to the pictures that Heather took.
Mr. Wood, what a guy, he has been wonderful this year and very
supportive of Courtney and our situation.  I loved choir when I was
in school, decades ago, so I'm very happy that she had this opportunity.
Even though there were days that were rough, I think 
the smile on her face proves she had a good time too.

Ice cream was just the cherry on top, literally.

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  1. Sorry the pics were so fuzzy...cute post though! :)