Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

I drove up to the Dee Events Center, to watch graduation
rehearsal.  Why? you ask, because I can.
I didn't go watch the other kids rehearse, but I hadn't
been away their entire senior year either.  I just wanted to
be close and take it all in.
There's Courtney towards the back of the picture, next to Bryce.  
And here's a closer shot, still next to Bryce.
Then I walked to the other side so I could get a picture of Courtney 
in the choir seats.  After they did the first run and found their seats,
Bryce was sitting right in front of me.
Not a great shot, but here's Courtney sitting behind the stage, in the
choir seats, with a couple of choir friends.  I don't even know half of
her new friends.  It's been a great year for meeting new people.
I watched as the florist came in and changed out one color of flowers for
another depending on the school that was graduating.  These must have
been for Ben Lomond.  They were pulling out the blue and adding
more red.  I'll have to look tonight and see how they ended up.

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