Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wouldn't You Like To Be One, Too!

Our baby girl graduated today, just take a look!
"isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful"
While I picked up Grandma and drove her to the Dee Events Center 
to save seats for the kids, Heather met Courtney outside with
her cap and gown on and took some pictures.
These pictures are priceless, only once in a lifetime do
you get to see your daughter dressed like this.
I am so glad we sent her home to graduate with her
friends and classmates, the Class of 2012!
She's pretty excited, as are we.
I took a picture for my senior pictures, just like this.
I wish I could find it and put it up against Courtney's.
Class of 2012!
Their theme,
wouldn't you like to be ONE, TWO
get it 20(12) one, two.
Very clever, who comes up with these.
"W" for Weber!
She looks pretty in red.
Congratulations on your very special day,
high school graduation day.
Mom and Dad love you, very, very much.

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  1. You should totally find that picture of your graduation! That would be so fun to have side by side!