Saturday, May 12, 2012

Senior Cotillion 2012

Rudi and Courtney, friends since jr. high and next door neighbors,
 went to Senior Cotillion together with a couple of fine young men
as their dates.  These are some of the pictures John and Ann, Rudi's
parents, took of them the night of the dance.  
(Our house in the background, ahh)
The girls looked incredible, and you couldn't have matched up Jake
and Bryce's look any better.
A picture in front of our house, ahh again!
Wow, what a dress.
She looks gorgeous, 
and she knows it.  She's such a poser.
Her and Bryce make a very sharp couple,
don't you think?
I am so grateful that Courtney has had all the opportunities
she's had this year.  She has been to every dance, girls
choice as well as Homecoming, Prom and now Senior
Cotillion.  And she was more beautiful each time.
Our baby girl is no longer a baby, ahhhhh!

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