Monday, May 14, 2012

Final Concert

Chris and I missed everyone of Courtney's concerts, but thanks to a loving
and caring older sister, we received lots of pictures and video from each one.
This was her final concert, the grand daddy of them all.  Oh but I
would have given anything to have been there for her.  To watch her sing,
 shed a tear or two and see her interact with the other choir members.
Dressed in red for the Chamber Quire numbers,
isn't she beautiful?
I've been really proud of her.  For the things she's accomplished this year.
We were sending her home, her senior year, with full intentions of 
her playing soccer with her friends that she's played with forever. 
But when she tore her ACL in a soccer game in Canada last year,
well, that dream crumbled.  But, as the saying goes,
"when the Lord closes a door. . . . 
he opens a window".
 And that's exactly what he did for Boo.
She has a gorgeous voice, but didn't really have the experience
or confidence to do anything about it.  This was the nudge she 
needed.  It was a terrible thing, with soccer and all, but she
had many memorable and true life experiences singing with the
choir and working with Mr. Wood.  He has always been there
for our older children and he certainly was there for Courtney
as well.
The night of the final concert, the Chamber Quire sang, then
they had an all girls number, then as tradition goes,
chamber comes back on again, in costume (they each choose what best
represents them and who they are) and sings the best heart wrenching,
tear jerking song of the year.  The one that says, goodbye, farewell
dear friend, it's been a blast, but it's all over.
Courtney is the cute boarder girl.
I would love to have been there to see her and to hear her.
This is a picture of the entire gang.
The outfits are getting crazier and crazier.
And then we bring on A'cappella, what an amazing looking group,
very impressive, both in sight and sound.
I think they sang at least three songs this year,  learning three
 different languages.  Wow, that's impressive.

Grandma came to support Courtney for her last concert,
as well as Brad and Heather.  Heather's been there for every last
concert and assembly where Courtney was involved.  Now that's
true sisterhood and devotion.  And I know she did it all for me.
Some other supporters, Bryce and Courtney Owen.
Now that shows a lot of devotion also.  It's what true friendship
is all about, it doesn't hurt if you're dating one of them.
Can you guess which one?

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