Monday, May 21, 2012

For Weber High We Stand. . .

The next morning we got up early, early, to get to the high school and
get a good seat for the final assembly.  I rode over with Courtney and
we met Wendy there.  She already had some sweet seats in the middle
section.  Another tender mercy, I've missed all of the assemblies this
year, and if I'd been home I would have been to most of them.
 I wasn't able to attend any of Courtney's concerts or singing in assemblies,
I wasn't able to see Courtney Owen dance (Warriorette), or Kaitlin
cheer (Cheerleader).  So this gave me the opportunity to see all of that.
Heather met us there and she took most of the pictures, they're not
great, but we have them, nonetheless. 
Here is Chamber Quire singing with their new hoodies on, they just
got them, literally days ago.
 Courtney's picture flashed up on the slide show for a split second.
I think it was for Mr. Weber, she was a hair and makeup model.
 After the assembly was all over, the seniors congregated to the
stage floor.  All her friends for all those years.
 Getting ready to sing the fight song, your can see Bryce right behind
her, Sarah to his right and Mike Call on the right with Rudi on his
 right shoulder.  Tears and hugs all around.
 Singing the fight song.
"For Weber High we stand, for Weber High,
best school in all the land, her colors proudly fly,
high, high, high!
Oh, brings back such fond memories.  And exactly the reason I wanted
to bring Courtney home for her senior year, so she could experience all 
this and have fond memories of her own, down the road.
 most of the seniors take center stage.
See Courtney, see Courtney sing,
 sing Courtney sing, 
See Courtney with best friend Courtney.
Thank you Courtney for being such a true friend
and for being there for our Courtney in the good
times and the bad times.  We love you both.
This is the Weber High, Class of 2012's gift to the school.
It's really quite amazing and impressive.
It's located on the wall to the left as you walk up from 
the seminary building.  On the outside wall
of the little gym, I think.
Courtney's jumping for joy, I just can't capture the 
jump with my camera. Jump Courtney, jump.
I like it, good job Class of 2012!
We delivered a few treats, one to the office, the financial
secretary has been so good to work with us, letting us make
payments for things over the phone.  We took one to Mr. Wood,
again for being so kind and wonderful with choir throughout the 
year and to her amazing seminary teacher, she has really enjoyed
him this semester, it made the perfect ending to a near perfect
school year.  It was nice to meet and thank these people, personally,
that have helped so much with her schooling this year.

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