Sunday, May 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Sunday was a wonderful day.  I was able to attend the North
Ogden 8th Ward.  I really took everyone by surprise.  Wendy
cried, everyone was so kind.  They all asked about Chris.
I went to young women's with Courtney where she taught the
lesson, and did an amazing job.  Then I sat in on Tyler and Heather 
during singing time and grinned as they wrestled with their little 
Sunbeam class and watched Wendy lead the music.  Sweet!
In only got better from there.  Upon my request, Courtney sang
in sacrament meeting.  I need to hear her as often as I can.
Jo showed up with Mom, Brad and Heather were there and 
Jason and Abby came, we were altogether as a family except
for Chris and he was there in spirit.  
After church, all the kids came up to the house and we invited
the Packer family up for dinner.  We had such a nice time.
Here are the two birthday boys, Kent and Jason, they share the same
birthday, pretty cool huh?
My wonderful, strange, loving boys.  They're no better than our
missionaries in their pictures, always a funny face.
I wasn't aware of this, 
but apparently Jason joined a gang while we've been away, 
go figure!
And Tyler's been arrested several times by the fashion police.
What's with the church socks Tyler?
Jason went over to the power box and heard something in the bushes,
I bet he jumped at least 5 feet off the ground, I haven't seen him
move that fast in years.  So the mighty hunters with their very long
sticks and safely on the bench went hunting wild ferocious animals.
Brad's keeping a safe distance from the trouble area.
Nothing yet, I guess "IT" is waiting to attack later, when we are
not expecting it.
Not a real good picture, but from left to right, it's me, Courtney,
Kaitlin's standing up and Heather and Wendy are watching the "men".
Me and my girls, did I say that it's good to be home!
Well, it's so good to be home.  Love our kids.

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