Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Young Women's

Thank you to the young women's leaders and
Francine Jones for celebrating Courtney's 
graduation.  She talked to me on Sunday to
see if they could come by and decorate her room.
But to be perfectly honest, she's living halfway between
Packer's and our house and both rooms are a MESS!
And then of course, I forgot to get back to her,
so when we got back from the Baccalaureate program,
the front door was decorated and there were treats
all over the front steps.
We took pictures and cleaned it up, because we didn't know 
what time Courtney would be getting home.
And we didn't want ants, or pests (kids) to get it.
They gave her this cute mug, filled with candy.
Signs on the garage and the front door.  Perfect,
added decorations for the party that we didn't have to
put up.  Y.W. leaders are a wonderful rare breed.
I love and appreciate them for their hard work.

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