Friday, May 11, 2012

Running Man!

I made Chris actually pull over today so we could get a good look
and a better picture of the running man.  I love the running man.
Let me explain.
The running man, what I call him, is this "dummy", no pun
intended, walking on a treadmill,
on the side of a building.  Unfortunately today, he wasn't
walking or running, he was just standing there.  Frozen
in time, if you will.  He is the greatest thing ever, I always
have to check and see what he's wearing.  Oh yes, he
changes outfits.  For instance, during hockey season he's usually
wearing an Oilers uniform, I've heard the missionaires say
they've seen him in bunny ears for Easter, and last winter
he donned a Santa suit in December.  It's summer, so of course
he's wearing his construction attire, right down to the hard hat.
He's not walking or running today,
someone unplugged him, how rude!
And he lost a hand and a foot.  Poor guy, could be worse,
could be raining.  That's right, he's walking, come rain or come
shine.   He's such a trooper.  There are several of them around.
There is one on the north side and another out by the airport.  I like
to point him out to the missionaries and tell them about him, so they
can be on the look out for him and his different outfits.
I thought at first he was advertising treadmill's but the closer I 
looked and the more I saw him,  it's not an exercise company at all.
Go figure.  Anyway, that's running man.  If you come to town,
look him up.

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