Monday, May 21, 2012

Senior Party!

I can talk about this now, because it is far behind us and not quite
so painful.  Let me explain. 

 From the moment I knew that I'd be able to 
come home for Courtney's graduation, I wanted to plan for her, a 
senior graduation party.  We did one for Heather and it was a huge
success, then when Tyler came along, he couldn't care less and he really
didn't want me to go to the trouble.  Well trouble is my middle name.
I wanted to plan a party, it has been too long years and I'm having major
withdrawals.  So I first had to talk Courtney into it.  It took a little persuading,
but I used the "I haven't been able to throw you a party for two years" card
and she caved.  So the planning began.
I almost forgot about the cake, but Heather reminded me.
I first started in Canada, planning and preparing.  First I was going to
have a gourmet s'more bar, then I thought about homemade ice cream
sandwiches, with different cookies and different ice creams.  Too much
work.  So I finally decided on the old stand by, soft serve ice cream from
our machine, but with a twist, we'd by Zeppe's and have our own Gelato's.
And of course, what is a party without a candy bar with jars and jars
of black and red candy for Weber High.  Sounded good to me.
So the ordering began, the candy arrived at the house, and the
party was a go.
I guess we forgot to tell that to the kids.  I didn't want it out of control
so I told Courtney to put it on Facebook a few days before and
just invite friends from Weber and only her good friends, not the
entire class.
So on Monday, the last official day of school for the
seniors, we went to the big talent assembly, then
we went to work.  Heather and I went shopping, 
picking up party goods, decorations, cups and napkins.
I found this awesome blanket a few years back at a t-shirt
store in North Ogden, bought it and then tucked it away.
But not being around for the past two years, I haven't used
it.  So we dusted it off and put it up.
It was hard to fine black candy that's not flavored licorice, but I found
peach flavored black penguins, these cool sour balls and fruit slices that
were literally black and red, perfect!
So we set up the "candy" bar, with my jars, scoops and tongs,
we put out the cake,
I found this idea on pinterest and thought it would be kind of clever.
But it didn't work so hot, just for all you followers out there.
You are supposed to put a drop of food coloring in the bottom 
of the cups, let it dry and then when you pour the soda in, it
turns different colors, and depending on the color it turns, it
predicts your future, or something like that.  But the ice we put in
the cups to hide the food coloring started to melt.  We didn't even
get a chance to pour the soda in.  Oh well!
Then Heather with her amazing cupcake talents, provided us with
a culinary treat, with four rockin' flavors just right for teenagers.
First one above, was churro flavor, complete with cinnamon sugar
on top of the frosting.
Then she did a red velvet Oreo cupcake for Weber in the foreground
and a root beer, complete with red and black sprinkles and a straw
in the back ground.
And for Courtney's brief Canadian heritage, canadian cobbler,
a fruity flavored cupcake with red maple leaf sprinkles.
They were delicious to the eye as well as the palate.
(she put a lot of work into these, and right in the middle of moving too)
Baccalaureate was that evening, so we went to that then we raced home
and set this whole thing up while the kids got their yearbooks.  We
figured they would get a few signatures and then pick up and head on
over to the house.  We were soooo excited.  We were running around like
crazy trying to get everything ready, decorated and put out.  

So the treats were out, the cake was displayed, the cupcakes at the ready,
 the ice cream in the machine and the Zeppe's picked up and ready to go.
And we waited,
and waited,
and waited.
I guess the word didn't get out and Courtney was to timid to say anything,
so no one showed up. . . at all . . . ever!
(there were a few that came around 10:30), but the drinks were ruined,
the Zeppe's was melting, it was too dark to see the decorations and fun set up.
We had moved things in the house and out again twice, when we thought
people were starting to show up.  So we packed things up as best we could,
got it in the house, and called it a day.  Total bust.  Oh well, what can I say,
I tried.
(the homemade gelato was a great idea, I'll probably try it again)

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