Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year Fireside

We attended a Chinese New Year Fireside tonight,
at the Riverbend Stake Center.  This is the second year in a row.
It went over so well last year, they decided to do it again this year.
They put up decorations,
 and people wore appropriate attire.
Last year they announced that there would be refreshments served 
in the gym, we were welcomed with a pleasant surprise.  It was a full out
Chinese food buffet.  They even had a cooked pig, complete with an
apple in its mouth.  This year was a little more toned down, but still
very nice and very tasty.
I will try and explain what they had.  On the left were very tasty
homemade rolls, with red bean paste.  My new favorite.  They
brought out a drink, I think it was a type of rice water punch.
They had several hot dishes, I didn't try any of these so I don't really
know what they were, but I did recognize the hot sauce.

From left, little pastry pockets with a very spicy filling, fresh fruit, 
mandarin oranges and sweets, a cake type bar and tarts.
We had quite a few missionary companionships there.  They wanted
more than last year so that they could speak with the non members
in attendance.  We figured there were quite a few.
People always enjoy free food.
They set up tables this year, last year they just had chairs around the 
outer walls of the gym.  This was nicer for people to sit and visit.
I think this will become an annual event.

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