Tuesday, February 19, 2013

There's "Snow" Mountain

"There's no mountain, like snow mountain, like no mountain I know".
This is what happens, as soon as it starts snowing here in Canada.
They start piling snow into these big dump trucks and then take
it to various places throughout the city.  They dump it and pile it high.
Real high.  They even use bulldozers to push the snow to the top.
The crazy thing is, when the season is coming to a close, (no more snow)
the bulldozers start pushing the snow down again, to make it melt faster.
Now tell me that that one makes sense. Then when all the snow
is melted they are left with quite a large pile of rocks, pea gravel I would
call it, and they scoop it up and put it away for next year to be used on the
snowy roads again.  They don't use salt, something about it being too cold
for the salt to work, so they use gravel instead.  Reeks havoc with car windshields.

Here's another "snow" mountain in Clareview.  It's just northwest of
Sherwood Park.   Every city has it's own little mountain.
(but look at that blue sky, it's gorgeous)
 This pile is next to a theater, you can see in comparison just how
high it reaches, it's noticeably taller than the building.

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