Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Young Missionaries

"They're here"!
They were a little delayed, but they are here and making their way
 through customs.
Still waiting.  We usually wait, on average, of around an hour between
the plane landing and the missionaries coming out to meet us.
This is just a sampling of the luggage that they bring.  It's crazy!

We welcomed some of our first 18 year old elders, while the sisters
were still fussing with their luggage.

 We have two of our first 19 year old sisters
here too.  Ready or not, here they come.

You can tell when there are sisters in the group, see the curling iron.

It's a cold day in Edmonton, and the elders are helping get the 
luggage loaded into the trailer.
That's some pretty luggage, and yes, it belongs to one of the sisters.
We took the sisters with us and the elders went with the assistants
in the van to the stake center for lunch and training.
The office staff had lunch all ready for us.
I bought some new flavors of chips and brought along my heart
dishes to serve them in.
So cute, and may I say, very appropriate. 
I added some carrots and cut up the pineapple leftover from saturday.
And look at my cookies,
my very pretty Valentine cookies,
and homemade Oreo's, I decided not to make the filling pink.
But trust me, it was really hard not to.
Tasty morsels!

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