Friday, February 8, 2013


We made reservations at Unheardof for dinner.  It
is a very exquisite restaurant that we were introduced 
to several months after we arrived here.
We knew Jason would enjoy the experience.  They have an early
bird special, I can't remember the fancy name, but you
choose an appetizer, I get the seafood bisque (pictured above), it's to
die for.  Then you pick a main course and the price includes 
a fancy dessert.  Very nice, very fancy.  They also bring bread
to the table, the chef brings a tapas for your tasting, and
they serve a fresh, frozen sorbet to cleanse the palate before
the main course is served.
We all chose a steak, Jason's was a bison steak and we all enjoyed 
our dessert choices.  Creme brulee for me and Jason and turtle tort
for Chris.  We were pleasantly "stuffed" by the time we were finished.

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