Thursday, February 14, 2013

District Meeting

Happy Valentine's Day.   We spent the morning at a district
meeting, with a few of our elders.
They even remembered on the board.

It was a great meeting, very organized and with a lot of participation.
I learned how to play Book of Mormon baseball.  Pitch, swing, hit.

And of course, I brought donuts, valentine donuts, kind of.  See the 
heart ones on the left, that's all they had available when we drove 
through the Tim Horton's drive though on the way to the meeting.

After the meeting, Chris took me to lunch for Valentine's, we went to
Red Robin, trying to be careful where we eat.  We both got the Baja chicken
 platter, very good on calories, comparatively.  It comes with two seasoned 
chicken breasts and a salad, I could only eat half, so I'll save 
the other half for tomorrow and only have to count half the calories. Yeah!

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  1. I'm so looking forward to Tim's when I arrive!