Friday, February 8, 2013

Temple and Treats

On Friday we took a journey to the temple and did a few
sealings, it was wonderful to be there with our son.
I'm getting pretty good at taking pictures with my camera,
using the timer.
Then we were off to the West Ed Mall to show Jason a Games
Workshop store and look around the Chinese market. 

Chris and Jason picked up a bite to eat at Edo's
and this store was across the way.  I didn't know what
One Direction was, I later found out.  They were selling
paraphernalia.  Silly me, I thought it was a new clothing store.
Now this was different, they had set up all these booths,
in the area that used to be the skating rink.  Wow!  That's a first,
I've never seen anything in this area like this before.
Jason was thrilled to pick up some of his favorite yogurt ice pops
and was very excited to get some red bean buns for Abby.

From the mall we made our way through downtown and picked 
up a little treat at the Italian Bakery.  Jason was craving a cannoli,
Chris picked an apple strudel and macaroon bar and I got a hockey 
puck to split with Jason. Yummy!

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